Foreign Inward Remittance Sample:
Field No. Sample Description
50K Ordering Customer
Mr. ____________________
52a Remitting Bank BIC
53a / 53d Sender’s Correspondent Bank
56A Intermediary Institution:JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York (CHASUS33)
57a / 57d Bank of India, Singapore (BKIDSGSG)
59 Mr. ____________
70 Remittance Information: Credit to A/c 8401XXXXXXXX Mr ____________________ held with BOI, HCMC Towards advance payment/Bill No./ (as the case may be)

We effect Outward Remittance Through
  • Swift - It is a secured and fast means of effecting a outward remittances.
  • The Applicant has to submit supporting document evidencing the purpose for which foreign remittances are being made as specified by the State Bank of Vietnam on foreign exchange management guidelines.

Outward Rupee Remittance

NOSTRO: These accounts are Foreign Currency accounts maintained by us abroad. If the instructions are given as mentioned above, we will be able to apply the funds immediately on receipt of our account. The remittances can be made through the NOSTRO accounts for the credit of your account with us.

Outward Foreign Remittance Application Form.

For further details and terms and conditions, please contact us

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