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The Bank of India emblem epitomizes the corporate personality and basic policy of the Bank. In conception and design, it is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the functional.

Within the central circle lies the Bank's seal - a symbolic and stylized representation of Mother India, signifying Bank of India's continuing consciousness of the legacy of the national past.

The five prongs of the star represent the Bank's pragmatic aspect-banking service extending over five continents. The single elongated point, yearning upwards, conveys Bank of India's unceasing endeavor to achieve ever-ascending goals.

The star has yet another aspect: it is a beacon and guide to those in need of direction. It symbolizes the Bank's perpetual readiness to assist any one, common man and business man alike, in steering a course through the contemporary maze of monetary affairs.

Last of all, the star has astrological significance: it is a determinant of times to come.

Bank of India sees this as a commitment to ensuring that the corporate emblem shines as a harbinger of bright future for all.